Turf Care


Healthy green grass is certainly an essential aspect of landscaping. However, water and fertilizer alone are not enough to maintain healthy grass. Our Turf Care Services includes:

  • Aerating

    Core aeration improves the flow of water, oxygen and nutrients through the soil, to the roots promoting a healthier lawn.
  • Lawn Rolling

    Lawn Rolling is helpful to remove minor bumps and smooth out uneven lawns. Aerating is recommended after rolling to allow nutrients to penetrate the compacted soil.
  • Fertilizing

    Fertilizing is the process of adding nutrients to help your lawn grow and stay healthy
  • Thatching

    Although thatch in your lawn is a good thing, too much can suffocate your lawn's root system.Thatching removes the buildup of thatch allowing a better flow of oxygen and water to your lawn's roots.
  • Overseeding

    Two methods of overseeding are broadcast seeding after aerating or slit seeding. Slit seeding slices the seed directly into the soil to maximize seed to soil contact and improve germination rate.