Landscape Construction


  • Softscapes

    Softscapes are your living plants, shrubs and trees, these elements are always changing as time goes on.
  • Hardscapes

    Hardscapes are the solid elements of landscape that do not change. Your rocks, walkways, retaining wall, patio pavers and driveways are all examples of hardscapes.
  • Xeriscapes

    Also known as water efficient landscaping, is created to require little to no human watering, or other maintenance. Common practises in xeriscaping is to replace lawn areas with drought tolerant plants, hardscapes,and wood mulch. The wood mulch helps absorb and retain as much rainwater and moisture as possible for your plants.
  • Drainage

    Proper drainage is always a major part in planning your lawn and landscape. Although you cant always see the drainage via underground piping, it is essential to help prevent damage to your property and keep water from pooling in your lawn or landscape.
  • Grading

    Finish grading is the final step prior to installing sod or seed to your property. A lot of your drainage can be achieved with proper site grading as well with the use of swails. Proper grading will help ensure rainwater and melting snow will be drained away from your home, or other desired areas.
  • Sod & Seed

    Sod and seed are usually one of the last tasks to be completed. We offer sod, broadcast seeding, drill seeding all of which are grown using premium seed. We work closely with the local sod farm that supplies us with premium sod, that has been meticulously manicured for roughly two years prior to being cut and delivered to us. Broadcast seeding is generally used on smaller areas where as drill seeding is a tractor mounted attachment used on larger areas which puts the seed directly into the soil promoting seed to soil contact.